In order to make SpeedQB events safe for everyone attending we are going to require a check-in with the DCC app. The Digital Corona Certificate provides EU citizens with a cross-border means of showing venue owners either your proof of vaccination, a recent negative test result or record of a previous COVID infection.

The DCC generates a QR code, either on the relevant government website or in a mobile app specific to your country. We can scan this QR code and if either of the three conditions applies to you the app will show a green checkmark and you are good to go! 



For privacy reasons, the exact reason why you’re green-lighted will not be visible for us. For more information on how you can obtain a DCC and the app in your country, please refer to your governments’ proper channels.

If you are not able to show this QR code or any other valid proof for either of those three options, we cannot allow you in the venue.

General advice

Feeling sick, having fever or sneezing and having a cold.
Offcourse. You should consider staying home.

General Hygiene

Wash hands and desinfect as much as possible.

Keep Distance

Keep distance in areas where its possible or where the sign says so.

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