1. By checking the General terms and conditions you aprove and acknowledge you have read this and are aware of the contents.

 2. I am aware that the airsoft sport comes with risks. Injuries of or to myself, other players or bystanders are a possibility.

3. I will not leave my belongings unattended at the airsoft location. When I do that, I understand that I do so at my own risk. I will not hold Realstrike Arena in any way responsible for damaged, stolen or otherwise compromised belongings.

4. In regards to the organisation, marshals and other employees of Realstrike Arena (hereafter also referred to as INDEMNIFIED PARTY), I waive my right to damage claims in any shape or form, concerning damages resulting from participating in or visiting an airsoft event.

5. The aforementioned waiving of damage claims applies in particular to injuries in any shape or form, also when they result in my death. This with the note that, as a consequence of this waiver my heirs cannot claim any claims against the INDEMNIFIED PARTY.

6. Furthermore, I declare that no claim for damages will be filed against the INDEMNIFIED PARTY neither by myself nor by my family, heirs or guardian.

7. I am aware that wearing full face protection is mandatory. If I do not wear full face protection, I do so entirely at my own risk. INDEMNIFIED PARTY has no liability whatsoever for damage caused by not wearing proper means of face protection.

8. I agree to follow the rules and measures put in place concerning COVID-19 for my own safety and the protection of others. At this time, I’m not experiencing any symptoms related to a Coronavirus infection, nor have I been in close contact with persons that have tested positive for COVID-19 in the two weeks prior to today.

9. I declare that I am aware of my rights within the General Data Processing Regulation and will submit a request for removal of privacy-sensitive information and / or images in writing afterwards.

10. Before, during and after airsoft events, photo and film recordings can be made on site by Realstrike Arena or its affiliates. I explicitly agree with the use and disclosure of this footage by Realstrike Arena or its affiliates on the channels that it wishes to use for this, or, when I do not agree with this, I will report to an employee of Realstrike Arena before requesting that the images not be used. I realize that Realstrike Arena or its affiliates cannot be held responsible for photo and film material made by third parties. Objections to this will be settled by me with the relevant third party / parties.

11. If I make photos and / or film recordings myself, I take full responsibility with regard to these images for compliance with the General Data Processing Regulation. This document does not grant me permission to make photos and / or film recordings as such – doing so is prohibited unless otherwise stated by Realstrike Arena.

12. I declare that I have liability insurance.

13. I declare to be in good physical and mental health, to not use heavy medication, to not be pregnant and that I will not participate in airsoft events under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

14. I declare that I have read and are fully aware of the contents of this document.

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