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the beat goes on

Despite all corona measures ath the moment. We absolutely doing everything to keep your second home alive and open. Together with all covid measures related adaptations we came up with a full training airsoft experience in a competitive game way as many are used too.

We came up with 5 different training types for every field. The Vault, MeetQB, Aim , Dashville and the DTA Cinema and will feature the usual types like: Domination, Landlord, Dashflag, Hunter, Iaps , Hoist, TDM, Kill Confirmed.

We made up a set of basic rules, routes, and signing for you to make a safe and healthy game possible. See you soon at the Arena 



The CQB training consist out of 5 elements and fields which 2 of the elements are from the Dashmaster Tournament. (These will take 2×2 minutes.) The other 3 are skill centered training types of 4 minutes in a 1v1 or 2v2.

To ensure distance and safety you will be directed to a spot for ensuring distance and safety. 

After arrival a 20 people group will be divided into 5 groups of 4 as covid says. Each group will be arranged to one of the 5 training areas.

After the game ends there will be a roulation of the groups to the next zone and will be mixed again to spice up the training.

Hereby we can guarantee a covid rule proof and safe experience.


Team Deathmatch : Get to know the map, look for angles and sneaky target lines. Kill or be killed.  Infinite respawns.

Capture the Flag: Domination – 10 houses have a Team A/Team B mechanical switch. The team that holds the most switches dominates and wins the match.

Hoist: Use your fresh map skills and take it up a notch.  Take your team flag to the center and raise it until the time runs out.Infinite respawns

Kill Confirmed: Get as many enemy chips to take the win. Both teams have 20 respawn chips. When you get killed you need to present the chip with a stretched out arm and countdown from 10, when the enemy didn’t take your chip you go back to your respawn. When you get killed holding more than 1 chip you need to hand all of them over to the enemy.


Hunter : As a hunter you have one mission: “Kill the runner”. The runner’s mission is to shoot as many targets as he can in the given timeframe of 3 minutes. He only has 1 life.

Landlord : You forgot to pay the rent, now the landlord is coming to evict you. Push him back out by capturing as many capture points as you can. When the time has passed the one with the most captured points wins. Teams switch at the end of each game.

Domination : Control the bomb in the center of the field and dominate. The player with the most time on the bomb clock wins. Control the bomb in the center of the field and dominate. The player with the most time on the bomb clock wins.


AIM : Train your aim game to perfection our awesome target course.


Meetqb : Get to the other side and try to avoid getting hit. Do not forget the clock.


DTA : Get some tactical and visual training under the hoofd by shooting at cinematic scene. A new airsoft training experience unline any other. So do you feel lucky ?



Covid is here to stay by now. As any Airsoft organisation and field we have to deal with it in our own unique and specific way. In the map above you can find, the walking direction, several points to find desinfectant, and restricted passways.

In the following section we will be explaining a bit more about the extra and general rules we have to keep an eye on in Dutch and the several icons you will find on the field for you to remind the rules we have been incorporating in our beloved Arena.

algemene huisregels

no visitors allowed.

Bezoekers zijn niet toegestaan, ook niet als je deelneemt aan de training is het niet toegestaan om te kijken hoe anderen het doen in een andere zone.

Symptomen niet komen.

Voel je je ziek, grieperig, verkouden, neusverkouden? Dan geld hier de algemene regel. Blijf thuis!

Algemene Hygiene

Was je handen stuk en maak gebruik van de desinfectie middelen in het gebouw per zone.

Keep Distance

Denk aan de onderlinge afstand 1,5 m tijdens het trainen en ga niet in groepjes staan binnen het gebouw of veld.


Mondkapjes zijn verplicht in de publieke ruimtes. Let op de vele informatie her en der waar je een mondkapje op moet en waar niet.


  • houd 1.5 m afstand
  • Maximaal groepen van 4pers. p/zone waar aangegeven
  • Handschoenen verplicht waar aangegeven
  • Mondkapje verplicht tijdens het rouleren van trainingszone
  • Volg de looproute zoals aangegeven
  • Breng je eigen eten en drinken
  • Iedereen is toegewezen aan een eigen tafel/stoel
Arriveer ong 15 minuten van te voren om teveel drukte te voorkomen. In het geval je toch eerder bent, wacht dan zoveel mogelijk in de auto.


Op deze manier hopen we airsoft levend en toegankelijk te houden.





5 training areas, the vault, dashville, aim, meetqb, and dta.

Come and taste some CQB game action at Realstrike arena.